Credit Repair
Defending those excluded by finance & banking industries.
Our Special Service



Aim to bridge the gap and provide municipal workers with housing and home improvements Assist government institutions like FLISP with subsidies which they offer to lower income earners


Financial wellness Counselling and life coaching Stress management Workplace wellness / workshops

Credit Repair

Remove default listings, Make repayment arrangements, Rescind Administration and Debt Review Order, Defend against reckless lending, Remove Judgements, Provide credit advice, Remove prescribed accounts

Insurance Brokers

Assist our clients to consolidate their multiple policies Short term policies Funeral Schemes


Get a maximum loan up to an amount of R17500 Up to 12 months to pay

Banking Services

Distribution channels, Sales agents, Courier services and PEP stores Clients to receive real-time funding Speed Services Avoid overdrawn accounts / Debit Orders

Our Partners

Mafori Group

Typically replies within a day

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